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 Diversity and Customer Service Workshop


Do you work with  diverse customers on a regular basis?

Do you always know the best way to handle challenging situations which can arise as a result of customer differences?  

Has your customer service training taught you how to deal with the new expectations and demands from various diverse customers?

Many customer service training programs are too generic. 

Why would we want to treat all customers the same, when they have different needs?

If you are looking for condensed training  on how to serve diverse customers in a short amount of time --this workshop is designed for speed and efficiency.


Whether you are a real estate agent, a customer service representative, a receptionist, or someone working in

a non-profit centre  -- this workshop is for you!

'Drive-Thru Diversity' is created for busy sales- and retail professionals with little time or resources, but who must be up on current diverse customer-experience trends.

You will learn:

  • About the changing demographics in each major diversity market. (seniors, people with disabilities, millennials, people with language barriers/New Canadians).

  • What  diverse customers are seeking in terms of  a customer service experience. (face-to-face, phone, internet)

  • How to ensure inclusive customer service experiences.

 We teach you how to:


  • Serve a customer with disabilities or language barriers in a respectful manner.

  • Visit a customer with a severe mental illness in their home.

  • Understand what  legislation  could affect you as a salesperson.

  • Market your service to seniors, millennials, people with language barriers, and people with disabilities.

  • And much more!


Participants will gain loads of current information and leave with ideas and extra-learning opportunities with our take-away materials. You’ll get useful checklists to bring back to your office.



Our reference tools will help you deliver an inclusive experience for your diverse customer base.

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