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Culturally Competent Coaching 

Full Day Workshop


Coaching is a critical leadership and management competency when used effectively can assist employees to develop their best selves.  But, traditional forms of coaching may not work well with new Canadians because different workplace cultural values will often interplay. All workers have soft skills and their ability to acquire and enhance them leads to workplace success. The problem lies when new Canadians find the soft skills which were valued in their country of origin are less significant or of no importance.  This can lead to confusion and under-performance. They must learn essential soft skills so they can succeed in a Canadian work culture.


When performance issues arise, leaders are often quick to send the new Canadian employee to mentoring or coaching sessions but find they are ineffective.  This happens as a result of either party not understanding the other’s frame of reference.


This workshop will help you to not only retain new Canadian talent;  it will also show you how to optimize their skills.


 You will learn:


  • how leadership is perceived differently cross-culturally

  • what values to highlight in your coaching sessions

  • what steps you can take to develop new culturally-relevant workplace soft skills in new Canadians

  • how conflict is handled cross-culturally and approaches to handling it

  • how to effectively give feedback, handle customers service issues and address biased and discriminatory attitudes.


The “take-aways” from this workshop will be:


  • improved performance and  morale

  • reduced errors and misunderstanding

  • increased opportunities for diverse candidates to make it through the promotional pipeline

  • enhanced coaching skills

  • retaining a diverse workforce

  • creating an inclusive environment where all employees have the chance to succeed

  • reduced risk for bullying and harassment



Each participant will receive our Meetings: A Toolkit coaching guide.





















































Workshop for the Region of Waterloo Immigration Partnership 


Summary of what Participants enjoyed the most: 


Open forum, personal experiences, solutions, soft skills, different views on how to handle situations

Evelina is an excellent facilitator. I really valued the content but also the planning done to use activities to help us learn. It was also a very interesting and knowledgeable group of colleagues/participants

Openly and honestly. Pointing out the strengths and challenges of today's diverse workplace. Better understanding of why some groups of people behave differently.

Very engaging. Perfect for both visual and verbal learners.

The info about high context; what cultures around are high context cultures and what it means for the Canadian workplace.

The group conversations were very helpful in brainstorming ideas and views as a group helped to get different perspectives to scenarios.

Scenarios and hands-on practice on dealing with challenges. Take home notes. Very helpful

Liked going over the scenarios. Enjoyed stories from Evelina, others' personal experiences.

Good takeaways, ie giving people templates and words to use. Interaction was good.

The information was interesting and helpful.

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