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Sensitivity/Empathy Training for the Workplace
Solutions for Bullying and Harassment

Many organizations have an employee who's been accused of bullying, harassment, or workplace violence.


We can help.


Our sensitivity training is second to none!   Don't cheat your organization and individuals from getting the real skills that they need; instead, choose Diversity at Work's unique sensitivity training. 


Online on-demand  generic sensitivity training doesn't work and this is why


The Problem:

An investigation reveals workplace bullying, harassment, or violence has occurred.  The offender is warned not to repeat the behaviour.  However, they receive no new skills or tools to fully understand the impact or how to behave respectfully in the future.

We have experience dealing with all types of harassment and bullying such as sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, religious bigotry, ageism, and ableism among others.  Whether it is an inappropriate joke or a consistently intimidating and aggressive style of communicating, we have you covered with our training.

The Solution:  

Diversity at Work has created a landmark, one-on-one empathy skills-training program that covers the bases of this common yet complex workplace problem.


This sensitivity training for employees gives them the second chance they deserve.


Evelina has combined her counseling experience, research, and topics taught in anger-management programs into a brief, workplace-oriented, solution-focused empathy training.


Employees who bully and harass need to understand key points, which we cover in our Sensitivity/Empathy Training:


  • The reasons why they bully and harass others

  • The impact their bullying has on victims

  • How to manage their anger.

  • Assertive Communication and how to listen without defense

  • Skills for preventing future relapses.

  • How to replace intimidation with respect.



The employee may have stopped the behaviour, but your workplace is unsure whether the behaviour will resume. Or, it may be a highly valued or skilled employee who just falls short on certain soft skills. You may also simply want to give them every opportunity to change before letting them go.


Regardless, offending employees need a period of time to learn specific critical, targeted skills. Diversity at Work excels in difficult communications areas. Results of our sensitivity/empathy training have proven effective and fill this critical workplace gap.


Evelina provides sensitivity training in Canada, training your employee in person or online over two sessions (10 hours total over a two-week period, including homework). Problem behaviour is respectfully challenged, and your employee is given constructive coping skills tailored to the workplace.


Upon completion, an itemized and detailed report is submitted to the employer, and a phone follow-up is provided a few months later. However, our training program is not only restricted to your staff—but we also provide sensitivity training for leaders as they are responsible for creating an inclusive workplace free of harassment and bullying.

The report will outline:

  • What the employee learned

  • A comprehensive summary of content  provided 

  • Specific recommendations for subsequent professional development.


NOTE:  Is your boss "The Bully" and you don't know how to respond?  We've developed this flyer so you can use it as you see fit.  Hang it up on a bulletin board,  leave it on the table in the boardroom. 

Flyer - Sensitivity/Empathy Training

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