Client Testimonials

ISA –Ontario—Ground Worker Training Program







Communication Skills

“We were very happy with the training provided by Diversity at Work! Evelina was easy to work with and she took the time to get to know and understand our unique needs to provide us with  training that was right and customized to our program ~ Thank you! ”

Julie Tucker
Program Coordinator 
Ground Worker Training Program

Western University


Orientating International Students, Customer Service and International Students, Planning Inclusive Events

We are pleased to recommend Evelina Silveira and Diversity at Work to anyone curious about introducing the topics of intercultural communication, cultural norms, or cultural marketing. We had the pleasure of working with Evelina when she presented four workshops to various groups within our department. Evelina presented to part time staff, student volunteers and full time employees, proving herself to be flexible in what she does and willing to cater her presentations to her particular audience. She was organized and efficient throughout the planning process, communicating with organizers on a regular basis and very reliable in her work. Evelina is a confident presenter, who speaks truthfully, tactfully and knowledgeably about experience and research across cultures. 

Sonia Mardinly, Office of Residence and Housing Programs

Thames Valley Children's Centre




Cultural Competency and the Delivery of 

Autism Services

Very informative workshop! Thank you for incorporating examples and scenarios from our field of work; discussing ideas and solutions as a group was very helpful. The clinician tips and community resources provided at the back of the handout booklet are also very much appreciated. Thank you.

Caitlin Best, Psychometrist


Oxford County Children's Centre



Cultural Competency 


 Evelina customized a full day workshop on the basics of Diversity for OCCC. She was engaging, easy to listen to and honest about the difficult aspects of the topic. The interactive components held staff's attention. The videos provided great illustration of concepts and food for thought. Feedback from staff was very positive. I would highly recommend Evelina as a Diversity training.

Heidi Collins, Executive Director