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 Our Endorsements/Testimonials

University of Windsor

Diversity and 
the Customer 



Evelina designed and developed customized Diversity in Customer Experience training for our student-facing Accounts, Awards/Financial Aid, and Registrars teams in 2021. The training was well-received by our groups and was full of practical tools and tips that individuals could apply to their customer service interactions right away. We appreciated Evelina's support as we continue to focus on EDI in customer experience.

Gillian Heisz, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance & Operations at University of Windsor

Toronto Terminals Railway 

Sensitivity Training 
Mental Health Awareness

As the Manager of Employee Relations dealing with sensitive topics, finding Diversity at Work has been excellent for our Company. They continue to assist in our needs as an organization or individually with the multiple training classes offered. They offer flexible arrangements and course delivery which is a huge help in a 24/7 organization. We have been working with Diversity at Work for about 4 years now and keep their contact nearby for required refreshing training or as-needed training requirements.

Shannon Friederich

Manager, Employee Relations  Toronto Terminals Railway


Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation

C-65 Workplace
Bullying and Harassment

We were eager to bring back in-person training, and Evelina was recommended. Evelina has delivered three c-65/Respectful workplace training sessions thus far, and we look forward to inviting Evelina back. Workplace #bullying #harassment is not an easy topic to deliver. Participants were extremely engaged in the story-telling, discussions and group work and left understanding their roles and responsibilities around monitoring their own behaviour, and not being a bystander. Evelina was easy to work with and sought our input into the training. Evelina delivered a very moving, memorable training, reflecting on her own experiences of being bullied in the workplace and sharing stories of others. Evelina delivered the training in such a way that participants walked away with more than having learned about legislation, strategies, and process. #teambuilding #selfreflection #diversity

Kylene Jordana Kanerva

Human Resources Manager


North Bay & District Multicultural Centre

Skills for Inclusive Leadership,
DEI Committees

My staff and I at the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre have enjoyed two training sessions with Evelina and were impressed with the scope and quality of the material provided. Evelina creates a safe space that makes it easy to share experiences and ask questions. We look forward to working with Evelina again in the future. 

Deborah Robertson

Executive Director


Independent Study Course Design 
Bi-monthly Discussions.

I approached Evelina as someone seeking to better themselves and learn healthier modes of communicating and interacting with friends, family, and colleagues, among other parties.

From the outset of our relationship, Evelina was a fantastic teacher and support. My initial inquiry call evolved into nearly an hour-long conversation, in which I explained my circumstances, my issues, and my goals, and in which she engaged me about my education, work, and personal life. I felt immediately as though we had connected, and knew unquestionably that she was the one who I wanted to work with on my path to self-betterment. Given my unique circumstances, Evelina offered me a personalized one-on-one course beyond the scope of her regular programming. She tailored the course to me specifically, undertook in external research, incorporated course-specific resources, and developed targeted activities and discussion questions. As an educator myself, I was astonished at her thoroughness in developing the course, which I should add, was offered at a very modest cost relative to other communications courses.

The quality of the course and Evelina’s instruction was top-notch; she was informative, profound, well-spoken, and exuded an expertise on the subject matter. Beyond the delivery of the course content, however, Evelina made a special effort to teach and engage the ‘whole student.’ She regularly asked about my family and newborn son; she asked about my mental health; she encouraged me in the early stages of my continued sobriety; she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone; she confronted me to face my misgivings head-on and with honesty. Most importantly and meaningfully, she helped me to overcome tremendous guilt and self-hatred, and ultimately learn to love myself again, by reassuring me of my goodness, my humanity, and my potential. I can’t help but get teary-eyed because of just how profound of an experience Evelina’s instruction — or more aptly, mentorship — provided. I really cannot express enough just how sincerely grateful I am.

In short, I highly recommend Evelina’s course offerings and instruction.

Andrew English


ISA –Ontario-Ground Worker Training Program


Creating Inclusive Classrooms 



We were very happy with the training provided by Diversity at Work! Evelina was easy to work with and she took the time to get to know and understand our unique needs to provide us with training that was right and customized to our program ~ Thank you! 

Julie Tucker

Program Coordinator, Ground Worker Training Program


Western University

Orientating International Students, Customer Service and International Students, Planning Inclusive Event


We are pleased to recommend Evelina Silveira and Diversity at Work to anyone curious about introducing the topics of intercultural communication, cultural norms, or cultural marketing. We had the pleasure of working with Evelina when she presented four workshops to various groups within our department. Evelina presented to part-time staff, student volunteers, and full-time employees, proving herself to be flexible in what she does and willing to cater her presentations to her particular audience. She was organized and efficient throughout the planning process, communicating with organizers on a regular basis and very reliable in her work. Evelina is a confident presenter who speaks truthfully, tactfully, and knowledgeably about experience and research across cultures. 

Sonia Mardinly,

Office of Residence and Housing Programs

Oxford County Children's Centre


Cultural Competency 


Evelina customized a full-day workshop on the basics of Diversity for OCCC. She was engaging, easy to listen to, and honest about the difficult aspects of the topic. The interactive components held the staff's attention. The videos provided a great illustration of concepts and food for thought. Feedback from the staff was very positive. I would highly recommend Evelina as a Diversity trainer.


Heidi Collins

Executive Director 

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