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Your Diverse Customer Training Ezine PDF

Publications to help you improve communication.

Fall 2018 -Millennials - Cover.jpeg

Focus: Millennials

  • Why is the Millennial market so important?

  • What do Millennials expect when it comes from customer service?

  • Tips for Training Millennials on Customer Service

  • Motivating Millennial Employees

  • The 5 Different Kinds of Millennials

  • Website Checklist: Is Yours Millennial-Friendly?

  • Extra Resources


Focus: Older Adults

  • Making your business or service “Senior-Centric”

  • The New Baby Boomer and How to Market to Them

  • Age-Friendly Business Checklist

  • Training resources – videos and links

Customer Service Telephone Guide

Telephone Training Job Aid

  • A clear language chart to help you construct easy sentences

  • Suggestions for reading numbers

  • A chart for understanding common distorted pronunciation patterns in Arabic, Chinese languages, Hindi and Spanish

  • Low-English proficiency telephone alphabet


Focus: Language Barriers

  • How to tell the difference between a strong accent and a language barrier

  • Guide to reading letters and numbers over the telephone

  • Common idioms to avoid

  • 8 Rules for Better Understanding

  • How to Make Your Communication Clearer

  • Case Study

  • Links to Training Resources

Mental Illness /Customer Service

Focus: Mental Illness

  • What is mental illness?

  • Tips for conveying and receiving information.

  • Interview:  How to conduct visits.

  • Template:  Customer assistance form. A tool for providing service for unpredictable customers.

  • De-escalation – Tips for avoiding potentially violent situations.

  • Application and Resources – Case Study, link to further videos and learning

9-1-1 Language Barriers

911 Police Call Taker Aid

  • Learn how to probe about When, Where, Who, What, and Weapons, more simply.

  • People who have low-English proficiency have an difficult time communicating when they are in crisis.  By using these phrases and words, call takers can save time and  obtain the information they need to dispatch an officer quickly.

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