Anti-Bullying and Harassment:

Respectful Workplace Training


Inclusive workplaces are free of harassment and bullying. 

Whether your workplace is currently experiencing incidents of bullying and harassment or you want to be proactive, you’ll find our approach is refreshing and original.


Diversity at Work’s anti-harassment and anti-bullying  training  goes beyond the standard content which focuses primarily on legislation.  We believe that taking personal responsibility is an essential component to ending workplace bullying and harassment and this is emphasized throughout the workshop.

Through self-reflection/assessment exercises, participants will learn about different forms of bullying and be asked to take an inventory of the tactics they tend to use or witness. This is a powerful exercise as often some participants do not realize they may be contributing to a toxic environment in the workplace. Personal responsibility is also introduced in the section as it relates to taking action when employees witness bullying and harassment.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • How to identify different types of bullying and harassment.

  • The characteristics of eight different types of bullies.

  • The differences between bullying and harassment.

  • What to do if you witness bullying or are a victim.

  • Coping skills for those who are bullied in the workplace.


The workshop ends with a personal and organizational action plan for creating a respectful and inclusive workplace.  A brainstorming session with participants will provide suggestions for management to create a respectful workplace free from bullying and harassment.

This workshop is approximately 3.5 hours and includes individual and group exercises.

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