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Business Communication Skills for
ESL Speakers

Are you ready to make your workplace more equitable? Or, is a promotion on the horizon for you, but you feel like you need to improve your English speaking skills first?  You hesitate to hand in your application because you just don't feel "good enough"? 


Perhaps you are a manager looking for a way to increase the speaking confidence of one of your immigrant employees to ensure diverse succession planning. Have you tried English classes before but they are boring, and you want to quit?

Look no further. For the last five years, I have honed my ESL coaching skills and taught over 2000 lessons with consistently above-average ratings before starting my private tutoring. I have gained knowledge in the pronunciation and intonation patterns, for instance, of the  Chinese, Saudis, Brazilians, Turks, Indians, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chileans, to add a few.   I make lessons practical, stimulating, and customized. I am certified in Teaching English Online and Teaching ESL Business Communications. 

As a diversity consultant – I understand unconscious bias.  When it comes to accents and language –there is a lot of prejudice about it that is not likely to go away. But, equipping employees with skills and confidence is a “win-win” for all.

English native speakers often take for granted how difficult it can be to learn to speak the language correctly and assertively.

Why Learning English Can  Be Difficult:

  • English language training may be expensive.

  • English teachers who are non-native speakers may be replicating their pronunciation problems onto their students, causing "fossilized errors."

  • ESL Classes in Canada spend little time on pronunciation and intonation.

  • English language classes are more focused on writing and grammar than speaking.

  • Access to non-native speakers for practice can be difficult.

  • An employer recognizes a need but is hesitant to send an employee on language classes, fearful of hurting their feelings.


The key is to remove the stigma from English language coaching and see it as any other kind of professional development.  Language learning is not easy.  However, with the proper support, learners can become more confident with expressing their ideas at work, enabling them to grow within their organizations. Assertive, clear, and diplomatic communication skills are necessary to advance in one's career and participate equitably in the workplace.


Are English coaching lessons for you?

  • Do you already have a very good to excellent grasp of English grammar?

  • Are you an intermediate to an advanced speaker?

  • Are you seeking ways to make your speaking clearer and better understood?

  • Are you feeling that your communication skills are holding you back from a promotion?


Here are some ways you can benefit from English coaching lessons with Diversity at Work:

  • To learn to speak diplomatically.

  • To prepare for job interviews.

  • To gain presentation skills.

  • To improve pronunciation and intonation.

  • To gain business vocabulary.

  • To understand intercultural communication.


The benefits of having your own English Language Coach:

  • Time is spent on what you need to know, not rehashing what you already have mastered.

  • Receive honest, objective feedback from a native speaker.

  • Having a plan tailored to you that suits your goals and schedule.

  • Customized exercises to improve your confidence and communication skills.

  • You are not locked into long-term contracts.







It has been two years since I started to have Evelina as my English tutor to help me with my business English.

Evelina is very professional and consistently resourceful in providing tailor-made lessons and coaching based on student requirements, expectations, and his/her English level.

She is always cheerful and encouraging and has created a supportive environment for me to overcome my shyness without any pressure, learn from my mistakes, and grow.

Thanks to her educational background in social sciences, rich experience, and a broad range of perspectives of business, she and her lessons are unique and exclusively resourceful. She could provide coaching for language improvement and skills training in business communication using English such as presentation, meeting speech, customer communication, conflict & complaint handling, etc., which is more than I had expected.


She can break down complicated tasks easily for students to learn and improve. That’s why my language skills have benefited tremendously since working with her and I feel more confident nowadays.


Lina Tang, Sales Manager

Daimler Trucks and Buses (China)


I have had the pleasure to have Evelina Silveira as my English Language Coach for the last year. I was looking for an experienced professional to help me improve my English skills and be successful in a new country. She has a lot of experience, strong communication skills, and knowledge of diversity and inclusion. After a couple of classes, I shared my desire to be confident in giving Business presentations in English and promptly customized a program for me. It was definitely one of the best learning experiences I have had. She taught me not only English but also how to use diplomatic language in the workplace. Now, I feel confident and ready to discuss any subject. I couldn't be more grateful for finding her because she helped me to get my dream job. I highly recommend Evelina Silveira. Most importantly, she is not only very talented but is a fantastic human being.


Karyna Marino, Channel Sales Manager

Genesys, Toronto



I would like to recommend Evelina Silveira as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. I met Evelina a year ago when looking for a native English teacher. I needed English conversation classes, but I was worried about talking to a native because of my limitations with language and shyness. In our first class, she was so patient and dedicated that I have since been taking classes with her every week. The qualities I see in Evelina are many, but I would like to highlight patience, using an encouraging way to correct students, the ability to talk about different subjects and, respect for different cultures. She is very friendly and concerned with the student's progress. As I can see my progress in learning English, I am sure that everyone who has the opportunity to work or study with her will be successful.


Eu gostaria de recomendar Evelina Silveira como Professora de Inglês.Eu conheci Evelina há um ano quando procurava uma professora de inglês nativa para aulas de conversação. Na nossa primeira aula ela foi tão paciente e dedicada que desde então tenho tido aulas com ela toda semana.As qualidades que eu vejo na Evelina são muitas, mas destaco a paciência, a maneira acertiva de corrigir o aluno, a habilidade de conversar sobre assuntos diversos, respeito pelas culturas, ela é muito amigável e preocupada com o progresso do aluno.Assim como posso ver o meu progresso na conversação em Inglês, tenho certeza que todos que tiverem oportunidade de trabalhar ou estudar com ela serão bem sucedidos.


Ligia Silva, School Administrator



Coaching lessons are with Evelina Silveira. One class a week is minimal, 90 minutes in length. Sign up for an introductory Zoom or Voov call to see if this is a good match.

To inquire about lessons, please email  or call 519-659-4777

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