English Pronunciation Made Easy

Is your English pronunciation a barrier to your success?


Do you lose sales because you are not understood by clients, colleagues, and customers?


Is your organization seeking a way to support an employee struggling with pronunciation skills?


We can help.


Diversity At Work offers lessons by global ESL pronunciation specialist and expert, Judy Thompson.


Our lessons are:


  • Customized - lesson reinforce aspects the client has mastered, and address weaknesses

  • Flexible -  we work around your schedule, and lessons can be on-site or online

  • Time limited - clients usually only require 5-10 lessons

  • A specialized, proprietary system designed and taught by Judy Thompson


Group lessons are available.

  Our Training Specialties:
  • Diversity
  • Customer service
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Inter-cultural communication 

We create INCLUSIVE workplaces and DIVERSE customer bases.