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Communication Skills for Diverse Workplaces

Workplaces today are quick to embrace diversity, but good intentions are not enough.


In the wrong environment, diversity can easily become a liability. 

‘Awareness training’ only scratches the surface and organizations find themselves on a daily basis asking:

How do we handle a situation like this? What do we say? What do we do?

Skilled communicators can harness the benefits of a diverse workforce because  they can encourage, engage and manage different viewpoints rather than fear them. 

These are essential skills for an authentic leader or those who want to become one.

Authentic leaders see employees getting mired in political correctness and the workplace climate being poisoned. You want to do something about it!

As a real-world manager, you experience:

  • Real conversation stifled because of fear of offense or 'triggering'

  • An increase in bullying and harassment complaints/investigations

It doesn’t have to be this way. This is where our workshop can make a difference. 

But this workshop isn't for everyone. Why? Because participants are challenged! You won't always feel comfortable, but discomfort is where awareness and learning begin.

You’ll learn:

  • Types of bias, and how personal bias shows up in the workplace

  • Best responses to comments/behaviours you believe are offensive

  • Approaches for justifiable accusations of bias or problematic behaviour

  • Active listening and assertive communication skills.

You'll emerge with tools and strategies to stimulate authentic dialogues, which are the lifeblood of constructive workplace relationships.





Participants from the Kitchener YMCA Immigrant Services commented:



I'm more inclined to engage in an uncomfortable dialogue than before this workshop."

 “I received tools to work through difficult diversity dialogues.”

"Evelina created an atmosphere of openness and allowed uncomfortable conversations."

"My favorite part was the variety of exercises and sessions."

"This Communication Skills workshop was well-organized, on-time, and engaging." 

"I really appreciated the openness of Evelina!"

"This workshop was excellent: All the topics related to bias."

"My favorite parts were the conversations and discussions."

"I liked how the views and suggestions really support healthy dialogues."

"I liked group discussions, thought-provoking conversations, and real-life examples."

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