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Diversity and Communications Ezines

Intercultural Conflict
  • Culture 101

  • Assumptions about Cultural Conflict

  • Patterns of Difference

  • Interview NAMCO

  • Race, Geography, Ideology

  • Frames, Framing and Reframing

  • Aboriginal Advisor

  • Ask Teacher Judy

  • Tips for Resolving Intercutural Conflict

  • Ask the Diversity Strategist

  • Reasons for Intercultural Conflict

  • Tips for Reducing Intercultural Conflict

  • A Chinese Perspective

  • Diversity World Tour

Inclusive Meetings
  • Creating inclusive meetings and special events

  • Creating accessible seating

  • Ask the Diversity Consultant

  • Ask the Elocution Consultant

  • Extra resources

Free Speech
  • The Good, The Bad & the Ugly About Free Speech

  • What limits should be on Free Speech?

  • Hate Law in Canada: in a Nutshell

  • How to Handle Offensive Comments at Work

  • How Can Leaders Encourage Differences in Points of View in the Workplace?

  • Ask Teacher Judy

  • Factors to Consider When Responding to Offensive Remarks

  • Ask the Diversity Consultant

  • Social Media: Employee Obligations and Employer Rights

  • Protecting Your Employees from Online Abuse