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Diversity and Communications Ezines

Intercultural Conflict
  • Culture 101

  • Assumptions about Cultural Conflict

  • Patterns of Difference

  • Interview NAMCO

  • Race, Geography, Ideology

  • Frames, Framing and Reframing

  • Aboriginal Advisor

  • Ask Teacher Judy

  • Tips for Resolving Intercutural Conflict

  • Ask the Diversity Strategist

  • Reasons for Intercultural Conflict

  • Tips for Reducing Intercultural Conflict

  • A Chinese Perspective

  • Diversity World Tour

Inclusive Meetings
  • Creating inclusive meetings and special events

  • Creating accessible seating

  • Ask the Diversity Consultant

  • Ask the Elocution Consultant

  • Extra resources

Free Speech
  • The Good, The Bad & the Ugly About Free Speech

  • What limits should be on Free Speech?

  • Hate Law in Canada: in a Nutshell

  • How to Handle Offensive Comments at Work

  • How Can Leaders Encourage Differences in Points of View in the Workplace?

  • Ask Teacher Judy

  • Factors to Consider When Responding to Offensive Remarks

  • Ask the Diversity Consultant

  • Social Media: Employee Obligations and Employer Rights

  • Protecting Your Employees from Online Abuse


Telephone Training Job Aid

  • A clear language chart to help you construct easy sentences

  • Suggestions for reading numbers

  • A chart for understanding common distorted pronunciation patterns in Arabic, Chinese languages, Hindi and Spanish

  • Low-English proficiency telephone alphabet


911 Police Call Taker Aid

  • Learn how to probe about When, Where, Who, What, and Weapons, more simply.

  • People who have low-English proficiency have an difficult time communicating when they are in crisis.  By using these phrases and words, call takers can save time and  obtain the information they need to dispatch an officer quickly.


Meetings: A Toolkit 

Increase the meeting participation with proven- coaching tips from Evelina Silveira. Although designed for New Canadians, the Kit  could be easily applied to working with inexperienced employees and those who have had a long absence from the workforce.  

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