Inclusive Learning Design -

Virtual Workshop

All Day Workshop - Can be customized


With increasing diversity in the classroom and a heightened awareness of educational inequities that set some adult learners behind; instructors are challenged to commit to an alternative style of teaching which promotes the success of as many learners as possible.


Whether you are a professional teacher, instructor, or facilitator, this workshop will provide you with many new ideas, strategies, and resources for maximizing adult learners' success.

You will walk away with concrete recommendations for creating an environment that inspires learning.


  • Workshop facilitators​

  • Corporate trainers

  • Instructors

  • Teachers

  • Coaches


  • How to create a welcoming climate for learning.

  • Instructional methods and approaches which increase learner comprehension of the material.

  • Ideas for engaging students --especially ones who may be timid.

  • A variety of ways of assessing learners' progress.

  • Ways to establish ground rules that respect individual differences and inspire learning.

  • Methods for proactively soliciting feedback from learners.

  • How culturally different learners may approach the classroom environment.

  • Strategies for dealing with language barriers.

  Our Training Specialties:
  • Diversity
  • Customer service
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Inter-cultural communication 

We create INCLUSIVE workplaces and DIVERSE customer bases.