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Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget

Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget

Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget: How to have a more engaged and innovative workforce with little or no dollars, by Evelina Silveira with Jill Walters.


This results-driven ebook that offers affordable tips, tricks and links to get your diversity and inclusion strategy implemented, ongoing and successful.




“Need some inexpensive ways to integrate diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in your organization? Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget gave me some great tips and tools to help build organizational commitment on our diversity journey.”

~Mary Ryan, Manager Community Resources / Diversity & Inclusivity, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, Ontario.


“If you think you don’t have the resources, money or time to make your organization inclusive, you need to read this book. The tips, and advice presented here demonstrate how even organizations that have “no” budget for diversity can make immediate changes. It's also a great book for any individual who wants to know what they can do to make a difference in their workplace.

~Simma Lieberman, “The Inclusionist”, Simma Lieberman and Associates


“The Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget workbook is a valuable resource filled with practical, ready-to-use information ideal for any NFP wanting to get up to speed with AODA legislation or to advance diversity and inclusion practices. No more excuses! The initiatives outlined in this book can be carried out with little or no cost.”

~Frances Ruffolo, Manager, Knowledge Exchange, Children's Mental Health Ontario


“Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget brings together a large number of great resources in one handy place. By focusing broadly on diversity of all types, the authors have created a helpful guide for any size organization.”

~Elizabeth Goldman, CEO, Perth & District Union Library


“Changes that are transformational are often small and simple. And they are often free or very low cost. Diversity and Inclusion on a Budget is just right for those who want simple, inexpensive actions that even the smallest business can do.”

~Dr. Linda Manning, Intercultural Economist, Transforming Hidden Talent into High Performance

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