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Remember, they are tech-savvy and lovers of visuals. They value authenticity and timeliness. Corporations like McDonald’s and Avon Canada are catering to this new group of entrepreneurs and workers. By providing online training and scheduling, most of the education process can actually take place in the comfort of the Millennial’s home.

Psychology Professor Christy Price from Dalton State University research concluded, there were 5 R’s to keep in mind.

  1. Research-based methods should be used along with collaboration and no lecturing.

  2. Relevant – information must be timely.

  3. Rationale – they need to know the reason behind the way things are done.

  4. Relaxed – They like laid back sessions with warm and empathetic trainers.

  5. Rapport – They prefer instructors who take a personal interest in them.

To learn more about how to serve, market and train millennials for an excellent customer service experience, purchase this issue of our new training magazine, Your Diverse Customer.

The topics in this issue include:

  1. Why is the Millennial market so important?

  2. What do Millennials expect when it comes from customer service?

  3. Motivating Millennial Employees

  4. 5 Different Kinds of Millennials

  5. Resources

  6. Website Checklist: Is Yours Millennial-Friendly

Your Diverse Customer – Millennial Issue

Pdf version of an eZine


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