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Diversity at Work Communications Training represents the next generation of diversity trainers and consultants. Our communications programs are cutting edge in a fast-changing environment. 


Our workplace inclusion training programs have earned nine consumer awards and customer praise. 

We’ve been there. We know that making a diverse workplace function smoothly is not an easy task. Adjusting your customer service to meet the ever-changing demographics, requires a trainer who understands both the customer and employee perspectives.

We are dedicated to delivering the best diversity training programs, consulting, and original materials to diverse workplaces and businesses.

  • We show you how to leverage employee differences in constructive ways.

  • We help your workplace reduce conflict.

  • We teach you or your staff the skills necessary to share divergent viewpoints.

  • We can help lower your workplace's risk for incidents of bullying and harassment.

  • We can help you create a better experience for your customers.

All of our diversity training programs in Canada consist of:

A diversity and inclusion strategy is not enough. Your employees need essential communication skills in order to work successfully with diverse colleagues, as well as to manage shifting customer expectations. 


What benefit is derived from diversity and workplace inclusion strategic planning and training, if it does not trickle down onto an individual level? 


All employees today need to be effective communicators.

Everything we do is with the goal of building and strengthening employee and customer relations.

Our programs and diversity training promise NO 'Death by PowerPoint'! Our communications training programs are always engaging and interactive.


Personal reflection, group exercises, storytelling, humour, and real-life workplace situations form a part of our training. All programs include job aids that participants can use every day at work. 



Employees make hands-on use of what they learned. And your training budget keeps working indefinitely.

Contact us to learn how you can put your diversity to work today.




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A crest with an award from 2016 . Readers Choice award for Diversity/Employment Equity consultants.
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